Networking- The Stone Space and other bits and bobs


To start my networking journey (as I am currently really bad at it)

-   I popped into a local gallery space in Leytonstone which turned out to be a not for profit volunteer run space. After having my induction today I am now a volunteer invigilator and am going to be put on the production team. This involves work with one of the artists who is showing at the gallery with the production of their show from the planning stage right through to taking their work down at the end.

I thought it would be a great way of meeting new people in the local area as well as opening up some opportunities to show my work in a gallery space. It will also give me some experience hanging work etc which I don't have much experience of currently.

One of the other invigilators and founding members of the space is already helping me with my project work and is going to talk to me about her family album and perhaps let me photograph her - Another collaboration.

-   I am already a student member of the AOP. The AOP beyond the lens book is very helpful with release forms, legal help and a usage calculators which is very handy. I went to their show at The Truman Brewery last week but unfortunately couldn't make it to any of the free talks because of work commitments. I'm always looking at entering the AOP awards and I know a couple of people who have won it it in the past. I just hate having to pay to enter awards and competitions. 

-   My social media networking is getting a little better and I have started to engage with people I don't know a little more than I am used to. 

I shall post updates on how I'm getting on in particular with The Stone Space (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. gallery.