My Grandmothers Cookbook's

As a side continuation of my work on my Grandmothers Cabinet of Curiosities I visited her again yesterday and although she is still adamant not to be photographed, we did look at some of her old cookbooks and she told me a few stories of where recipes came from. 

I liked the window light when my grandmother put these on the table so I wanted to photograph them where they were. It's the continuing need for me to record everything I can when it comes to being in my grandparents house. I don't necessarily have an idea of what I would do with these kind of images but its a way for me to remember the time spent with my grandmother looking at her memories. The act of photographing these things will trigger the memories of having the conversation in the future. 

On returning to these images later I thought about using them in a more contemporary layout, combining them with old family photographs to create a contrast between the new and the old. This contrast also commenting on the idea of the analog photograph and the modern snapshot stored on the cloud.