Lets talk Business!

Notes made for presentation in this weeks webinar with regards to a business plan for our project. I struggled to make the plan specific to my practise as I don't really know where my own work is gong in terms of direction. I therefor decided to make more general notes on my photography career both past, present and future. 

Mission Statement (Past)

To shoot striking and original images whether for a personal wedding album, corporate conference or coverage of an event, whilst making sure I am polite, professional and deliver outstanding service at all times. This industry (Events/PR) is heavily reliant on good reviews, recommendations and word of mouth 

Mission Statement (Present)

To develop my personal style towards editorials / publications whilst building good working relationships through networking and improved marketing. 

Mission Statement (Future)

Once I have defined my editorial style and have had success in commissioned work, I aim to focus on long term personal projects and seek new areas of interest geared towards new client commissions. 

Product Goal

Editorial Commissions - Portraiture Collaborations
Advertising Campaigns                                                                                                                                                                         Publications 


People shooting for free - Lowers the worth of photography                                                       
A massive increase in institutions offering Photography undergraduate courses in the last 10 years. I wonder if this is a contributing factor?