Social Media - Instagram

Ive had an Instagram account for a few years now. As my style has developed or changed depending on my work at the time i.e. Corporate or personal Portraiture I have managed to re curate my profile to reflect that. I have had the odd commission from someone seeing something on there but don't really have many followers (300 or so I think). 

I have noticed that it is a very fake world online social media. If there is one photograph that someone doesn't like then they will stop following you. In saying that I also have unfollowed someone because I have found their feed boring so I guess it works both ways.

I am always very conscious of what I post on Instagram sometimes going for a very neatly curated gallery of images all relating to one another and other times use it as more of a diary. I use the Instagram Story quite a lot especially when I'm at a show or travelling somewhere for a job. 


I have spoken to a few people about Instagram strategy and the main thing that comes out from it is that you have to post regularly. Even if its only twice a week use the same days to post and so people will grow to expect an image from you on a certain day. I guess this is why I don't have many followers because I don't have the focus to do that. If there was a built in scheduler that would be good but it seems its an outside app which to be honest I cant be bothered with. So I am going to try and post 3 images and one Instagram story per week and see how it goes. 


Please find below a link to my Instagram page