The modern snapshot - An Indevidualist Ideology?

...the combination of camera phones and social networking makes photographic production more oriented towards an individual — camera phones are owned by individuals rather than families... Daniel Palmer makes an interesting point about the reason behind the snapshot. Nowadays people are spending a great deal of time creating these images for no other purpose than "to put on Instagram". I've talked about my thoughts about instagram in previous posts and as a photographer, Instagram does have a role to play in self promotion. However, this idea of taking photographs "for" instagram is something I really don't understand, yet is where a large percentage of images made are put and for the sole reason of putting them there. 

Whilst on the topic of Instagram, I have actually noticed a fall in my follow count which seems interesting. Firstly, I had a bit of a cull of the people I am following as my interest in photography had moved on and so I thought a fresh approach to my feed would supply new ideas or methodologies. Since removing people they have also remove me. This proves the point I have made previously; that your 'followers' is just a number and I don't think the vast makority are following for the right reasons. There are so many posts out there about to gain followers through Instabot, through the 3 likes, 2 comments, 1 share method which is supposed to work if you do it everyday and various other things. I find it quite draining that not the majority aren't just following you because they like what your doing.