Week 6 tutorial notes and new contact sheets

Tutorial / Draft Presentation feedback

I was feeling quite anxious about my presentation last week. I really don't like talking in public about my own work and so I struggle with the presentation element quite a lot.  After a webinar and then a personal tutorial over the phone with Paul I found that actually the content of my presentation was all good. I need to take particular note of the learning outcomes which I have found difficult to decipher through my own difficulties with reading. The main feedback was that I had most of the content there but just needed to add in some content talking about my use of social media within my work and also how hashtags have either helped or hindered my work. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 15.26.13.png

New work

One of the other main people to photograph for this module fell through this week, so I decided to go and re photograph hannah. This time emphasising the editorial portrait story rather than adding in the elements of a fashion story. 

I wanted to shoot a small portrait story of Hannah whilst we looked at and talked about her family photographs. Like Almborg's work, which I discussed in a previous post, I wanted to head towards the physical work being in the form of a record of a conversation. I hoped that the images made would also work as a stand alone portrait story to put towards my portfolio. 

I didn't spend so much time thinking about the outcome and just shot them as naturally as possible. I added in some flash when the light started to go and I had already thought of this as a monochrome story which I think works really well with the white walls and flash light. 

Whilst keeping on the theme of the photograph as object I started to look at different types of paper I could print these images on which I will talk about in another post later on.