Portfolio Paper Tests

Thinking a few weeks ahead to when I want to start printing my Work in Progress Images ready for Submission, I ordered a few different papers to try out. I really liked the idea of the canvas fine art type paper but really feel that it is far too gimmicky and takes away from the actual image. 

It was suggested that I look at some of the photo rag options by Hahnemuhle. This paper comes in single sided and duo depending on what your putting in your portfolio or in a frame. I think the only differences are the thickness so it can take two sides of ink as the surface on the single sided paper is the same on both sides. It is a really sophisticated paper and I think of all the paper I've used, this is my favourite. There is a slight texture to it but not enough to take anything away from the image and the whole colour spectrum comes across really well. Although the first few prints I had to increase the brightness by 10% before printing as the paper does soak up a lot of the ink and particularly with browns, can look a little muddy. Now I have set this to auto, the prints now come out perfectly.