Project Developement

I have spent some time looking at other peoples family photographs and trying to work out how I can combine them into my project. Schmid uses found images but these images I have, aren't found. I know the owner of them and have had conversations about these images and the memories attached to them.

I have looked at some other practitioners who have combined new with old photographs and I find this a really interesting idea. Emmanuel Almborg's exhibition in the Whitechapel was a set of images to show that the conversation between him and the children took place, my portraits could be the image that was made whilst the conversation took place about my collaborators family photographs. I also really like the contrast between the new and the old, in comment of my small amount of research into the contrast between the snapshot aesthetic and the modern day snapshot on instagram. I guess you could say that this then feeds into the current module topic of marketing as a photographer and the use of social media. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 19.26.10.jpg

This was one of my first experiments into this combining the old and the new. The cookbook was the signifier of the conversation between my grandmother and I about her memories as a child and then later on starting this cookbook for me to have when she died. My grandmother didn't want to be photographed so the idea of making a portrait at the time of the conversation was out of the window but I asked if she had any old photographs of her I could look at. Again the conversation led in all kinds of directions and stories about different family members, it linked back to stories she had told me about items in the cabinet of curiosities from my previous project and also about the photographer who took the portrait I used to sit alongside the cookbook image. 

I like the way the photograph sits on the empty page as if it had always been there, but when you look closely you can almost tell that it is a digital manipulation and wasn't on the paper at all.

I think this combination of the family photographs satisfies my research into the family album but the portraits of the collaborator will equally satisfy my portfolio development. I feel this project in some ways has helped me gather my thoughts about where my practise is going and I think the next project I work on will be something solely new and won't be using these found or family photographs. This doesn't however mean that my inspiration won't have come from this type of photography, I just think I need to move forward with my own areas of research now.