CRJ Design and Layout

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 18.25.41.png

I chose this layout for my CRJ back at the beginning of the course. As we are now being graded on its contents I wanted it to have an almost magazine feel about it where you can see everything and then zoom in on each post.

It shows the way I work when it comes to research in a very non linear way. I prefer to write notes in my sketchbook and then to make a copy of the sketchbook for my blog so that I spend more time making images than writing. I like to be able to see everything in one go rather than individual posts one at a time as It makes me feel lost as to where I am and what I should see next. I also chose to have at least a cover image with every post as I can remember the image with a great deal more ease than I can remember the titles I have given the posts.