In Conversation With Sam Heath

I met up with Artist Sam Heath to talk about his family album, to look at his images and to make a portrait or two as part of my work in progress. We had spoken before about our memories and the family album and I thought that recording this conversation would be another starting point for a piece of work but the conversation didn't really flow in the same way that it had done previously and the questions seemed to be forced. I decided to abandon that idea as it wasn't what I had hoped it would be. If you want to have a listen feel free.... Its un edited and has some talk of coffee, the weirdness of having a microphone on and also some thoughts about family albums and the digital archive along with some pan crashing and general coffee shop sound. I have never interviewed someone before and its a lot harder than I thought it would be! We did talk about the tangibility of the image, the sense of ownership you get with a photo lab printed snap rather than the digital image and why our generation always looks at memory as a starting point for artistic expression.

Despite the sound work not really going the way I wanted it to, the idea was originally that it would be the conversation that was the work and the sound and image would be the record of that happening. Much like Emanuel Almborg's work I have talked about before (and was a strong influence at the start of this module) the making of the conversation was what I wanted to get out of the project rather than the images or sound recordings. 

Here is a portrait I made of Sam but he doesn't look very comfortable infront of the camera and this is something I need to work on for my own development.

Sam - Anthony Prothero, 2017

Sam - Anthony Prothero, 2017


You can see Sam's work on his website here.