Module Reflection

This module has been particularly challenging, but in terms of my practise this has been a good thing. Within this module, I started out contextualising my work towards an art market and placing it in a gallery or in a photobook. With the images of my grandmothers family album, this seemed like it made sense and felt well placed.

As the module has gone on and as I have been thinking about my portfolio alongside my MA work rather than it being one thing, I have realised that this isn't really the kind of work I want to be making. Yes I have an interest in the family album and I think the ideas surrounding memory, imagination and the aesthetic of the family album will be something that continues to influence my work moving forward. However I feel like I need to move in the direction of editorial work, so as to be able to make money out of my practise which at the moment is a high priority.

I don't feel like I am satisfied by using what you might want to call found imagery (although I know the people these images belong to). Whilst arranging some of the work I am to submit, as my work in progress portfolio, I feel very much that this is a work in progress and don't have the same satisfaction that I had submitting my last work in progress body of work. 

I need to look back through my notes and in some ways revisit the influences I have had and try and look in a new direction for the next module. 

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