Portfolio Review

We were asked to approach an agent or gallery to arrange a meeting. As I had already decided I would like to show an agent my portfolio, to see where they thought my work sits, I emailed Anna, owner of Kiosk Agency and module leader for the Sustainable Prospects module. I already had a Portfolio folder but previous portfolio reviews had taught me that agents really dont like looking at images within plastic wallets as the light glares on the pages. For this reason I bought a punch and score kit from Plastic Sandwich, who made my portfolio, and printed mine myself on double sided paper. 

Plastic Sandwich had recommended that I use Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Duo as it scores well and sits nicely in the book. I found the whole process of looking at my work and deciding what to put in my book quite a stress full process. I realised that I actually hadn't got that much work that I was happy to put in and show. I think the whole thought process that this module has encouraged me to have, about where my work sits in the industry and where I should go, next really hindered my opinion of my work. I wanted to include my current Work In Progress Portfolio but at the same time I didn't want to put it in as it is very different from my already pretty broad range of work. 



Portfolio View - London Fashion Week Personal Porject


Portfolio View - Sustainable Prospects WIP work, I wanted to put this in there as I think it shows a more complex side to my research methodologies. However, it was suggested that this work shouldn't go in the portfolio as its too different. I may just put it at the back along with my commissions instead of taking it out altogether. 


Portfolio View - The start of a personal Project that never went anywhere. It was supposed to be the Guardians in the Tintagel building on the Southbank which was the old MI5 building. The day after my first visit where I made these images the Guardians were asked to move as it had been sold. Its one of my favourite spreads in my portfolio.


Going back to the ideas we have discussed throughout this module, about the importance of personal and commercial work, I got this commission for a Roman Baths ad campaign. They had looked at my website and liked the way that people I had photographed looked at ease in front of the camera. Its interesting to hear why someone has commissioned you because I think the end results are very different to anything else I shoot. This will also stay in my portfolio but will go at the back. After Amy Simmons talk I think it is important for me to keep it in as it shows I can work to a brief, communicate with the client as well as working along side a creative agency.


More commissioned work but far more in line with what I shoot regularly. Documentary/ Lifestyle/ Fashion seems to be what I want to focus on I think. Perhaps I just want to tell little stories of people and place which can actually fit into many different areas of the industry. 


This is my actual portfolio along with a slip case and courier bag for sending to potential clients. I'm very happy with the product just need to shoot more work I'm pleased with to go in it now.