Where do I go from here?

As I come to the end of this module, I am at the point of looking through what I have made and deciding on how and what to present for submission. I've spent a lot of time thinking about my practise in general, within the bigger picture, rather than just this MA. Currently I am really inspired by the work of Daniel Shea, who I have mentioned in my Oral Presentation with regards to his presentation methods. But whilst I was looking at the way he shows his images I became obsessed with his style of image making. His images are soft and relaxed yet have hard shadows and sometimes out of kilter. On further reflection, I guess these are all descriptions of the snapshot aesthetic known mainly through the family album.

Shea's work, along with seeing a mockup of his new book at Unseen Amsterdam, has given me a real drive to record stories. The relationships of people and place. I've decided over the xmas break to make as much work as I can but without thinking about an end result. I spend too much time thinking about the end result that my work never moves forward. I need to experiment to grow in my practise. I think that the next module, although heavily theory based, will give me the space to make some new work in the direction I really want to work towards.