Week 1: Why photography matters to me

Michael & Emily, Anthony Prothero, 2009

Michael & Emily, Anthony Prothero, 2009

For me, Photography exists as a record. It could be the recording of an event, a person or a significant moment as memory or in the form of a narrative. The recording of these moments is the significant part of what photography is to me, and I guess also what intrigues me is the various reason people make these 'recordings'.

The image below is an image I made as part of my final major project on my BA. The project was concerned with memories and imagination surrounding the death of my Aunt on 9/11.

The project served as a form of phototherapy, where the act of making photographs enabled me and my family to have a dialogue which in turn aided the grieving process.

This image of Michael and Emily my brother and sister is one of the more significant images in the series. I wanted to record in some way their innocence with what had happened as they weren't alive when Sarah died but live and surround the rest of the family who have these memories. In the image Emily stood still showing me something in her hand and was unaware of why I was making the image, and in the context of the project became almost a comma in the body of work.