Research Project Thoughts: My Grandmother's Box Camera

My Grandmother's box Brownie

My Grandmother's box Brownie

After a little research into his box camera and how it works I'm now trying to find some film spools to use in it. Kodak cleverly ( at the time) made the 620 Film spool so that you had to buy their film. It is essentially 120 medium format film on a slightly thinner spool. 

I'm becoming increasingly more aware of the depth of my family album. Moving back to London has opened up new avenues of research. My Grandmothers past being burnin Leyton, My fathers side of the family growing up just down the road in Tottenham, and then my thoughts go back to this camera that my grandmother gave me. 

I don't really know where the camera came from, who used it or whether there are any photographs taken on it still in a box somewhere. What does interest me though is the idea that this same camera was used in someone else hand in my family at some point and images were made. Maybe there are images of my childhood which were made by this box camera...

I shall continue to look at both ways of being able to use this camera and also id like to look more into the study of my surrounding area now knowing that there has been some family memories from the place I so recently moved to. Somehow I don't feel like this is a totally new place now... there is a part of my family here somewhere... I just need to find it and make some work about it.