Week 2: Thinking away from Photography for a minute...

I have chosen Larry Clark's 1995 film "Kids". It was one of the first films I was introduced to when thinking about how other disciplines feed into photography. Larry Clark is also a photographer which made it very interesting for me, as his photographs and moving image have exactly the same feel about them.

My own practise started off with what I can only describe as a painterly feel to it. A very soft palette and shallow depth of field. As I have developed with my work I introduced flash and different cameras, different film and more recently into a digital approach. I would say that my work now has more of a reference from Larry Clark's work, although definitely not similar in subject matter.  

As Charlotte Cotton talks about in Photography as Contemporary Art ".. Out-of-kilter framing, blur, uneven flashlight, the colouration of the machine-printed snap..."  are all qualities I love in a photograph and personally what makes the snapshot aesthetic so appealing to me in the development of my practise.