Collaboration amongst our peers

We were asked to use and image or some text on the forum to attract collaboration amongst our peers. I chose a piece of text written by Aneette Kuhn talking about Memory Material and the influences it can have on identity both social, gender and community. These are interesting and rich starting points for me at a time when I am thinking about continuing from my 'Sarah' work which isn't something I ever thought I would do. 

Image taken from Bloomsbury website  here .

Image taken from Bloomsbury website here.

Not long ago, I wrote a book in which I used personal memory materials- artefacts such as photographs and films, as well as remembered events in my own life - to explore some of the ways in which memory, the activities and products of remembering - can bring together the personal, the social and the historical; and to look at memory's place in making identities that place us  as members both of families and of wider communities - communities of class, gender, nation, for instance. - Annette Kuhn

(A Journey through Memory, Susannah Radstone, 2000)