Reflection on current practise

On reflection of this module I have come to realise that this direction isn't going to help me with the journey to my end goal of working as an editorial commissioned photographer. I haven't developed my own style to a point where I am happy away from the corporate style I have had to use for the last few years for work. 

Over the break I spoke to MAYN and was given a brief to challenge myself into shooting a project brief as if for an editorial in Apartamento Magazine. This is where I would like to see my work placed on completion of this MA so it was a good challenge for me. Below are a couple of examples from this brief.

I got some good and bad feedback from this series of images shot in 2 different clothes stores in London. The feedback from a technical perspective seemed to be from a personal point of view though and was aimed at changing my style of images which I wasn't sure about doing. I thought the point was to develop my own style rather than be formed into shooting a way that others like. So on reflection I am now more confused about where to place myself contextually than I was before.

On one side I have my work which I would say was coming from a more critical and perhaps conceptual area like my series "Sarah" and more recently "My Grandmothers Cabinet of Curiosities" and then on the other side I have my portraits and landscape series which take on more of a documentarian approach. 

I feel like these two areas don't really gel very well so as I work towards my MA and my commercial portfolio they continue to run parallel and I don't know where to take either project side. 

I have received many lovely comments from Peers about my work to date both on the forum and through the peer to peer presentations at the face to face event in Amsterdam. I also had a tutorial with Jesse who talked through the options I have and how to make my personal and commerical work more aligned.