Unseen Amsterdam (part 1)

Jamie Hawkesworth

I saw lots of inspiring work throughout the Unseen photo fair. However the work that struck me the most was the Preston Bus station series by Jamie Hawkesworth. I have seen much of hi commerical work over the past few years and have seen his work develop a great deal. However It was fascinating to me to see a photographer exhibiting a perosnal project next to an ad campaign for a fashion brand and there being no significant aesthetic difference between the two. Thsi is something I aspire to achieve later in my practise developement. 

Takashi Akaishi

This work attracted me for its aesthetics on display. Each image was well placed and I really loved the use of mixed media. Some images framed and some pinned to the wall. There is an air of curiosity about the work and it left me with more questions than answers about what the photographer was trying to say. A really interesting mixture of content which I am seeing more and more often these days. 

More from Unseen to follow..



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