Tina Hillier shoots Tracy Emin for Discovery Magazine

Tracey Emin by Tina Hillier 

Continuing the think about my own portraiture aesthetic It was suggested I look at Fine Art, Documentary and Commercial Photographer Tina Hillier. One of the first series of work I came across was this portrait commission of Tracey Emin in her London Studio. 

I love Hillier's relaxed style where she clearly puts the person in front fo the camera at ease. It looks like there maybe a small amount of artificial light but very soft and used in a very subtle way. I love the portrait story as a whole which is something I am starting to think about when I make images which is the show some wide, mid and close up images whether photographing an object, person or place.

My feedback from the last module was very much about continuing to develop my own style but to go down the route of soft lighting rather than the hard shadow and flash I had been trying out. With my new project ideas I have been looking for available light and thinking about how I can make it work in my favour and so I will continue with this.