Turner Prize 2018: Charlotte Prodger

I was very interested indeed to hear Charlotte talk about “fixed lengths of film” and how they “correspond to a fixed period of time”. The intertwined relationship between the body and technology. I’m personally not so interested in this relationship between the body and technology but I am interested in Prodger’s discussion on technology and in particular this idea of the fixed duration fo time determined by the length of film.

I have never really thought about this duration being determined by a physical length of material before and its a really thought provoking idea. Particularly the idea of the family photographs Ive ben looking at are a sequence that ave been determined by a duration fo time and the length of the film.

Prodger also talked about her fascination with 16mm film, and this has come at an ideal point in my research as I have just been looking at my grandparents super 8 wedding video wondering how I can work with these images. Lots of ideas and thoughts about it to come…..