Week 1 Reflection: My Intent, other thoughts and some new ideas

The ‘intent’ of my work

The intent of my current practise is two fold. After seriously thinking about the contexts through which I would place my work in the Sustainable Prospects module I am still very much aiming my practise towards the editorial market. I have struggled with finding a way to work on my personal projects surrounding the ideas of memory, imagination, notions of Family and The archive as well as develop my portfolio to present to picture editors and commissioners in the industry. 

As i think I mentioned in the last post talking about John Spinks work, I have been really inspired by his personal and commercial work and how they sit side by side but with very different ideas and inspiration for each.  

From looking at his recently published book project "The New Village" I have realised that I have had this need to make some work in Devon where I was born. I guess in the way John felt like he had to go back to this place form his childhood, I feel like there are o many un answered questions about where I am form. I moved away form Barton in Torquay on my 7th birthday quite against my will. The whole family over to Bath because of my grandfathers job at the time. I have revisited the road I remember as a child any a time but never with the intent on making some pictures of it. John Spinks talks about this need for I guess what you would call a resolve.... and the need to revisit something or somewhere. Its a way of almost finding a sense of closure, even in a place that you dont particularly have  abad memory of or somewhere that you don't like. 

©Maxwell Anderson 

©Maxwell Anderson 

"We have complicated relationships with the places that we’re from. I’ve always been drawn back there" 

So in a rambled kind of way my Intent is to make a series of images in my home town of Torquay. This will both give me a sense of resolve with some memories of my childhood, particularly ones of Sarah before she died. It will also develop my portrait photography as well as my narrative. These are both things that I have needed to work on for both my personal work and to get my portfolio ready to show people. I think this project has far more scope for progression, and it has something deeply personal in it which I just didn't have with the other ideas I have had for this module. 



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