A meeting with a Picture Editor

As i mentioned in a recent post about my intent for this module, I mentioned that I was going to have a meeting with Andy Greenacre from The Telegraph magazine.

It was a really informative meeting where we discussed the editorial photography industry as a whole, where he thought my work fits in the industry and also some advice on where I could improve my portfolio through a simple edit.  

Portfolio view #1, Anthony Prothero 2018

Portfolio view #1, Anthony Prothero 2018

One of his main points was that I had a very fresh style to my portrait photography. There is an awful lot of the deadpan portrait photography out there which for some photographers such as Spencer Murphy works very well for him. However it doesn't work for everyone and Andy congratulated me on a style that was a bit different to what he sees a great deal of. 

There were however some areas that I had a great deal to improve on. It was suggested that some of my commercial work that I had chosen for my book needed to come out as it didn't help the flow through my book. In particular it was a series I had included from a commission for People Creative and Adidas skateboarding. They were almost event coverage style images and he thought that they didn't fit in with the considered and quiet style to the rest of my work. 

I have realised that it is a very hard thing to decide what to show people and what to leave out of a portfolio. I don't think it is something that as a photographer I could do on my own. There are certain images I have a strong tie to and yet it maybe an image that really shouldn't be in the book at all. After the sustainable prospects module which was all about the industry and where we saw ourselves as photographers I feel I have really come along way, although not necessarily in terms of the amount of work I have made but I feel a great deal clearer in my head about what I am doing and my end goals. 

I look forward to my first editorial commission!