Film: Square format Testing

Taking a walk on Wanstead flats I found myself not looking for people to make portraits of but at the interest and beautiful shapes I could find in the grass that surrounded the flats. I've never really thought of myself as a landscape photographer and in recent weeks when trying to contextualise my own practise have realised that I don't really want to be put in any kind of pigeon hole as to what "kind" of photographer I am. 

I was really attracted tot he various forms of these plants and I started to think about the contrast between the hustle ands bustle of the busy estate I had just walked through to et here and then the tranquility of these plants. The light although partucluarly grey still made the leaves on these stems shine.

I feel these image shave a timeless quality to them. They could have been taken yesterday or 50 years ago and this timelessness is something I am going to pursue in my practise. Film almost has a personality rather than to shoot digitally. The characteristics of this black and white film is completely different to that say of a Portra Colour film. Whilst still experimenting I seem to me more and more drawn towards older cameras and different types of film and cant remember the last time I took out my digital camera. In a way digital seems to easy, theres no perosnality to it because you can define that afterwards in post which I don't like. Perhaps I may look at some manual lenses for my digital camera to try and add some analog personality into it. 

I'm looking forward to working with a pro lab to produce some test prints int he dark room from some colour film Ive shot recently. Again, the printing will add more personality again. To define my practise at this point, I would say I am just a photographer with no speciality but curious about process, characteristics and timelessness....