Margaret Mitchell - The Universally relatable story of...

Aesthetically I find these images beautiful. I find the colour palette and the figures' constructed poses looking slightly off camera give the images a certain gentleness yet an overall sadness. I can immediately tell this is a story of a family that have seen loss and as Mitchells describes,  have been the product of some redetermined "choices".

Apart form the aesthetic beauty of these images Im interested about Mitchell's idea of choice. 

" we have choices in life, or are some predetermined and made for us?"

I never had a choice whether I wanted to leave Devon when I did. I remember at the time I felt very sad that I was leaving the place I knew as home. For me this was a predetermined choice made on my behalf. Now returning to Barton where I grew up, I am filled with memories, but also with questions about these choices and the "what if's". 

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Where a ‘place’ can be both mental and physical; a place we put ourselves and where we are put, sometimes by others and sometimes by circumstance.What puts us there, what keeps us there and do we want to be there?

The places I see in my minds eye when I think about where to make images for this project are all real places. But I'm never quite sure they are as I remember them. As Butamante talks about the frame, these images are frames that I think I remember, and I'm making them into images for the viewer to make their own connections with a place.  

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This is a personal yet universally relatable story of family, loss, love & survival set within a wider socio-economic context.

I like this idea that the work on a personal level is so relatable. I love this connection we have tot he photographs we look at and its a very important part of this exploration for my own practise. 


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