"Photography’s greatest asset is its alchemy...."

© Daniel Shea/ The Fader

© Daniel Shea/The Fader

"Photography’s greatest asset is its alchemy. A photographer’s greatest tool is improvisation. As a director I fight to preserve this." - Emily Keegin (Photo Director, The Fader, 2018)

I found this interview on the Unseen website all about commissioning talent from the point of view of various commissioning editors. I really liked what Emily Keegin above said about what she looks for in her commissioning photographers. She loves where the accidents happen as that is where the fresh talent is. Photographers who are prepared to take risks and where the happy accidents take place. 

I always look for articles where they are talking to picture editors. These conversations I think are what drive me forward to try and get more commissioned work. the editors are usually pretty difficult to get hold of so these kind of articles are so important. I also really love Daniel Shea's work so it was a win win. 

I think what I have taken form it is that actually to take risks and to stand out form the crowd is so important. Up to now I have been a very safe image maker. I over think the final shot before I have taken it and try to make the images that I think the commissioner wants rather Thant he images I want to make. This is something over the coming months I need to try and develop. 

You can read the full article here.