Week 4: Into The Image World - Notes

Sheba Advert (2008)

Sheba Advert (2008)


For the Sheba advert above, I very much had a dominant reading of the image. Aimed at the strong Independent woman with a cat and suggesting that she should buy her cat some Sheba for valentines day.  I'm not entirely sure if this advert would work for any of the other people who have a cat and like to buy expensive cat food for it. 

Agency: Adam & Eve / DDB London Director: Kim Gehrig

Although still a Dominant reading of the image however, the advertising campaign for John Lewis has always been one that translates some sort of ambiguous tone. I think people understand it more because it has the John Lewis branding at the end of it. When you read further into he image I can now see why it was a collaboration with Age UK. I am surprised however that there is no Age UK branding on the campaign. 

I was not surprised although I was disappointed about the remarks made around the old man looking at the child. It seems in the world today people in my opinion are far to sensitive when ti comes to advertising. This campaign is obviously not in anyway referencing any kind of pedophilia and I think the idea is absurd in my opinion. On a basic level the campaign is supposed to give you a warm familial fuzzy feeling inside when you think of Christmas and being around your family and loved ones.