Image Review so far

Here are some initial scans from my negatives. My choice to photograph Cole below is down to that fact he is the same age as I was when I left Devon. I thought including some images of him both engaged with my memory strand as well as continuing form the last module with my portraiture in an almost editorial style. I think they work really well now they have been scanned and colour balanced.

I feel some of the landscape images haven't really worked very well with this project. The close up images of details of plants etc seem to work better together with he portraits. This weekend I shall be revisiting the same area and will be photographing people I meet on the street. It maybe an idea for me to include some sound recordings which is something that came up from a tutorial yesterday, however I really wanted this to be a solid photographic project and the idea of anything taking away any of the emphasis of the images puts me off a little. Perhaps a thought for the future.

In terms of my actual idea of the work, I am somewhat deflated by my ideas with his work. at the start I had a very clear vision of the project and how I was going to implement it but it doesn't seem to be going the way I want it to. 

I am however really pleased with he portraits as I mentioned above and I also really like some of the details below, as possibly a diptych or triptych perhaps.


Looking at the series of mages I have there doesn't seem to be any kind of aesthetic grouping of them. Perhaps these three work as a triptych and maybe the portrait at the top can join in here somewhere. I feel like the lack of any kind of urban location or any evidence of a man made structure is what is letting these images down at present.

Recalling In The New Village, Spinks very nicely made the balance between portraits, details and landscapes or urbanscapes.