Pictures Trigger Memory

Untitled, 2018 Anthony Prothero

Untitled, 2018 Anthony Prothero

Here Chen makes interesting observations aboutthe process of photographing to remember when she references her research into "whether or not taking photographs enhances our experiences or distracts us from them". This is something I am really interested in currently. The idea that we are actually losing out on remembering things because we are too bust recording them on devices. In other words we are actually reliant on the lens to record for us as we are beginning to not remember. 


Hinkel did similar studies around the act of photographing to remember. This involved two separate groups recording what they do and don't remember. Half given cameras to use and half did not have a camera. The ones with the cameras remembered less than the group who photographed the objects. Hinkel's research "highlights key differences between people’s memory and the camera’s “memory”.

I'm getting increasingly interested in the scientific motivation behind this act of photographing to remember. 

Further reading below. 


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