Landscape and Memory - Ken Taylor

‘Any landscape is a condition of the spirit’ Henri Frédéric Amiel

Untitled from Memoryscape series 2018 Anthony Prothero

Untitled from Memoryscape series 2018 Anthony Prothero


Taylor has some very interesting points that I feel are almost the backbone of my interrogation into the relationship between the camera and our memory. Early on in this investigation I didn't have the critical thinking nor a real reason for what I was doing. Taylors text has given me a stronger idea of the whats and whys of my work. 

This sense place Taylor talks about is the reason for the location of my work. I think its very important to have a personal sense of the space you exist within, and to also know where one has come from and what and where has formed the identity of the person we/I am today. I think this area of the county I am working in at the moment is a very special place to me both aesthetically and to with this identity I have talked about. The landscape series that is developing form this place is a very small part of the investigation I want to develop later in my practise. 



Taylor, K., n.d. Landscape and Memory. [Online] 
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