Reflection from this module on Practise.

Reflecting on my photographic journey from last module tot his, I feel very much that my work is being pushed and pulled between conceptual photography looking at memory and imagination, and more commercial work aimed at getting commissions. This constant flux between the two I think has almost stifled the development in both areas. Moving forward I want to try and amalgamate these two outcomes into one style that works for both editorial and in the context of the gallery.

Mainly it is the description of Southam's work by Gerry Badger which you can read about here that has informed my work to date. "Connection, Memory and History are key points for my evolving work from now on.

Memoryscapes, 2018 Anthony Prothero

Memoryscapes, 2018 Anthony Prothero

This images above is one I do really like but was left out of the final edit as the aesthetics of it didn't fit with he other images I had already selected. It maybe that I return here again in the future and this scene would be better matched with less abstract and perhaps some portraits.

However,I feel the work in progress portfolio I have edited and submitted is some of my strongest work to date.I don't feel I have investigated this area of interest as intensely as possible, as I think to submerge myself in the area I want to photograph in the future for longer periods of time would produce stronger work and a wider edit. 

Interms of where I take inspiration from I feel after reading some interviews with Letinsky, who is very articulate about her influences, I think I need to try and read more and to take influence form other photographers less. Reading will inform ideas rather than aesthetics. This currently is stifling my own style progression.

On the topic of memory, Dr Emily Orley talks about how, “James Joyce scribbled the words 'places remember events' in the margin of his notes for Ulysses.”(Orley, 2012:1) I hope to explore in the future the intriguing notion that the places I have photographed could have multiple memories. In some way this would be flipping the investigation around to almost a view of people from the landscapes point of view.