Working 'with' Ed

I've been thinking about where to take my practise this module. The starting project of Working 'with' Ed has really excited me as I have a fascination and almost an obsession with zines and printed matter. As for the subject matter, I'm still not quite sure what I want to photograph. 

I'm rather drawn to the idea of 'the backdrop of where drama played out'. The blank reality of a space. I was outside The Photographers Gallery recently watching people on their breaks smoking in the little courtyard. They all seemed to be very vacant and in their own little worlds, in their own sort of 'blank reality.'

Ruscha talks about the 'intentional deskilling' which bothers me in some ways. I don't necessarily feel it is in any way mocking the amateur photographer but I do think there is a certain amount of mocking of all photographers at any level. 

I am very interested in 'interest'. > Interest has a capacity for duration and is why we return to something again and again that is 'interesting'.

Photographs of things as fact - 


Notebook view: