Till Roll Printer Zine - Casper Cosmus Alsøe

This is a really interesting way of printing your pictures. I've started to collect a series of different printed matter to gain as wider knowledge as possible of the various forms printed pages can take.

This rolled up Zine by Casper Cosmus Alsøe has been printed on a till roll printer and shows the same texture as a receipt does. I like the lack of image quality, as I don't think its about the quality of the images, its about getting the work out there in a cheap old skool zine format. I certainly found this one of the most interesting 'Zine' type publications. 

Just thinking about the receipt as an object in itself. A common item that is recognised by most people, yet printing images on the surface of it completely changes the context it is observed in. It might be a nice idea to somehow use this idea but print on one side of the receipt so that it can still be used. This way the work would be delivered into he hands of everyone shopping. Maybe worth a collaboration with a large supermarket/brand in the future?