Appropriation II: Richard Prince

I have always been intrigued by Richard Prince' work. Whoever you speak to they are usually on the hate side of the fence. I have no problem with the work he has made at all, and was really interested to hear about his methodology of making the Cowboy work. The control taken over deciding what should and shouldn't be included in the frame, focusing so that the moire wasn't visible to give it the appearance of being from a magazine. He tried to make it a much his as possible which leads me to think a great deal about authorship of the image. 

When you make a picture and show it to someone or put it on your website or it its published in a magazine it is out there for the world to see, and experience in anyway they wish. I feel that Prince started  out by just experiencing the images like anyone else would but through the viewfinder of a camera. He adopted the view of the director, moving around the image whist looking through the viewfinder. I find this a really intriguing methodology and although my opinion might have changed if it had been my work that had been reproduced like that, I really like the result od Cowboy far more than the original Marlboro men.