Mariela Sancari

This xerox copy of the project which intriguingly furthered the project after the original book had sold out and also undermined it's value. A very interesting idea I thought and something to think about. The idea of being the one to copy rather than have it copied by others in a sort of appropriating your own work way.

Xerox version of my photobook Moisés.

This piece revolves around the idea of representability through images: by doing a xerox version of the book (self-pirate) I insist on the idea (or its impossibility) of making a fantasy come true through photography. It also seeks to make a scathing comment on the “sold out” and the fact that the book is no longer available.


Video instructions to print, bind and put together "Moisés is not dead" photobook.

Binding workshop:

The above video was posted on Sancaris project page with instructions on how to download and print the book yourself. This idea commenting on the scalability fo a book project and I guess also creating a piece of mass art similarly to Gerhard Richter in the Die Zeit Newspaper but produced in a different way.