Pushing the boundaries between artist and audience - Marina Abramovic

Working with others: Collaboration and viewer Participation 

Not photography related per say, however I wanted to highlight this collaboration between Marina Abramovic and Jay Z. This production of famous Jay Z track "Picasso Baby" was performed in a gallery space, thus making ti a further piece of art work? Its very interesting concept about how something becomes a stronger piece of art but I'm not sure that just making your performance in a gallery space gives it any further credibility as art than if performed in an arena or live stage. 

However, one thing that I really enjoyed was the viewer participation. Members of the audience took it in turn to sit inform of Jay Z and be perfumed to. This then becomes a more intimate moment shared between performer and audience. It reminds me of an installation work I saw at the Tate last year where there was only one set of headphones to listen to a description fo the work thus making that person listening the centre of the installation, and questioning whether they were 'part of it' or not.

Audience participation is something very important but at present I don't know how I can involve the audience with my work. Something to think about in the development of my practise in this module and further on.