Thoughts on "Joywar"

Joy Garnett is known for her paintings inspired by accessible digital images. Following an exhibition of her work in 2004, Garnett received a cease and desist letter citing infringement of copyright, from a lawyer representing Susan Meiselas. After a debate, which became known as 'Joywar', both put forward their perspectives in an article for Harpers Magazine titled 'On the Rights of the Molotov Man'.
Either post a concise summary of your thoughts, or respond critically to someone else's post. Try to think about the debate at different scales as well as in different contexts.

If I found my work had been referenced, remixed or appropriated by another artist I would at first be flattered that they had a strong enough connection to my work to want to use it for their own expression. First and foremost, I think it’s great publicity.

As much of my work is about family and does include personal photographs of friends family members, there would be questions raised as to whether they were ok being used in this re appropriation of their image. When collecting my family album material, It was asked of me that I let certain family members know where and how their image would be used. If re appropriated or remixed by other artists, I would lose that control on behalf of the people in my work. So for this reason of sensitivity I think I would have similar feelings to Susan Meiselas over (1979) The Molotov Man, but wouldn’t go as far as legal action.