Poetry and Photography: A Collaboration


I started to think about the relationship between text and image, and in particular the relationship that takes place in Die Zeit newspaper with Gerhard Richter and the writer. After talking about collaboration in last weeks activities, I stated to think that maybe my current images would work better when placed along side some poetic text of some kind. To see how this artistic collaboration would work in the future, I did some research into how photographs and text sit side by side from the perspective of other collabs and more importantly the methodology of their approach to making these picture/poem relationships.

‘It’s about showing rather than telling,’ explains Jillian. ‘What we realised is that both the photograph and the poem are trying to capture ephemera, and fix a moment—in a word and in an image. It could be something quite fleeting and transient, yet you try to pin that down.’  - Jillian and David Pattinson


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