Week 3 Reflection

Untitled , Anthony Prothero 2018

Untitled, Anthony Prothero 2018


Thinking about:

  • Whether you embrace inherent collaboration in your work or whether you consciously resist it.

I think when it comes to collaboration, particularly in my previous work I have welcomed it. My research to date has been about the family album, both mine and of others so collaborating with others was an essential process for my practise. 

  • How you are learning from your subjects / collaborators / participants / respondents, or helping them, or both.

In my own work my collaborators aren't from a photographic background so I would say that the act of conversation with them about the family album and the private made public was a new idea to many of them. For this reason I would say that I had been able to teach them about my research. 

  • How you might be taking advantage of your subjects / collaborators / participants / respondents.

This is actually something I was worried about at the start of my last module. The question of whether certain questions relating to family would be difficult due to differing family dynamics or bereivment sprung to mind. One of the people I spent a great deal of time with on my last project for the sustainable prospects module was Hannah who spoke a great deal about her father who had sadly died a couple of years previous. In some was I think the conversation with me would have been a comforting one in one sense as she hadn't spent the time looking at these family photographs for a long time. As I mentioned at the time of writing up my module work, it was the act of collaborating and talking about family and the photograph as a special object was really far more important than the actual images I had made. 

Week 3 Activity: Make a Zine 

  • Your experience of the week's activities and any feedback received from peers and tutors.

My general experience of the weeks activities working in a group are that I need to be a little stronger when it comes to voicing my opinions. In the webinar scenario it is very easy to sit back and say how much you like someones work but it doesn't actually help in the long run. I expect to receive some criticism as well as some appraisal but there never seems to be any kind of critique of my work so I'm not actually sure where I would place my work in strength of concept etc..

Any reconsiderations to the core methodology of your project.

The main consideration for my own project now is my methods of editing. It was interesting to see how much easier it was to edit a group project as a group rather than as an individual looking at your won work. We were able to effectively edit down to almost half the original amount of content and it was done objectively and without personal involvement. 

This is something I find very difficult to do in my own practise. Particularly in this module where I am working in a different way to anything I have down before. I'm using a diary style of making to make new photographs but I don't necessarily know what the reason is behind my work. Through taking to Cemre, I have realised that this way of working is ok just something new. There is obviously a reason why at any given moment I decide to make a new image so I need to dig deep and find out the reason behind this work. 

  • The forms your project / photographs could potentially take moving forward.

As far as the actual project, I'm not too sure at this point. I have certainly rekindled a love for the almost DIY instant product of the Zine. I really enjoyed working int he group for this project but equally I think I would like to work on my own zine and have full creative and editorial control over it. My personal work I feel would have a more home made feel about the end product and would be produced much more cheaply than the groups result.