Week 4: Photographs without cameras

Roman Road 2018 is a series of photographs I made inspired by Joanna Zylinska's series Park Road London 2011. Replacing my point and shoot camera that I use daily on my route to the studio with images from google street view form the same road.

In some ways I felt I had more control with street view as time had been suspended for me to carefully select and crop the frame I wanted to capture, rather than having to make these decisions in an instant as normal. 

I have recently been spending a lot of time looking at the contrast between light and dark, shadows and reflections, all of which seemed to be very muted on street view. For this reason I chose to make my images black and white to exaggerate the graduations flight and dark that the street view scenography couldn't record in colour.

I'm curious about the ideas surrounding censorship, and ow presumably the algorithm at google decides what is to be included and what should be censored. This exercise also made me look closer that normal at the people, and how they potentially would still be recognisable to me if I knew them even with heir faces blurred out. Interestingly an area in the image taken in front of the supermarket has an area of the shop window blurred out whereas other shop windows which had people in had been left visible. I think it raises some interesting questions about the censorship decisions made and who and what controls this? Do we potentially have a say as to what is included or not? If we don't who does on our behalf?

I think this task has made me realise I can use a multitude of sources and tools to make images as part of my practise, and I shouldn't limit myself to the camera I chose at the start of the module to use. 

After reflecting on the task I also shot a series of short video clips to put on my Instagram story which is something I havn't done before. Whilst thinking of ways to replace the point and shoot snapshot camera I realised that the iPhone could be the modern day version and instagram is (in some ways) the new polaroid through its instant process.

It was quite an interesting experience as there is a different mindset involved when shooting moving image. I couldn't work out how to show those videos on here so if your interested pop over to my instagram page and have a look. (They will only be there until midnight tonight I believe)