Nobuyoshi Araki, Hi-Nikki (Non-Diary Diary)

I was compelled to buy this book when I saw it as the book as an object is such a beautiful thing to hold and to look at. In the context of a diary it works very well, and is very nicely edited (although It would be interesting to see if there are actually any images that didn't go into the book). The idea of the days and dates on the pages clarifies the diary context.

In the context of my work I think this book gives me enthusiasm to keep making new work. To photograph everything and anything I experience and maybe I should perhaps as a little test give myself date and time perametres for my work. As my images are all date stamped the curation process would be interesting as the camera has curated the work possibly - or have I curated the work by deciding when to make the images...?

I also really like this way of showing a photobook or publication in digital form rather thna the online magazine formats like ISUU and such.. I think it should be a teaser for the work rathe rthan showing th a work in full online. Afterall this selection of images were made to be in a book rather than an online gallery, similarly to an artist showing exhibition views of  projects rather than the images themselves. I think it is very important to keep the original context of the work very much obvious even when showing archived work online.