Dispatches from Moments of Calm - Gerhard Richter

" On 5 October 2012, the German national newspaper Die Walt published it's daily issue-but things looked ... different, Quieter. The sensations of the day, forgotten as soon as they're read, were missing, replaced by an unprecedented calm, extracted with care form the chaos of the contemporary.

The calm was the work of Gerhard Richter, who had been granted control over Die Walt for that single day, taking over and imprinting all 30 pages of the newspaper with his personal stamp. Images form quiet moments amid unquiet times, the demotion of politics from it's primary position, the privileging of the private and personal over the public, and, above all, artful, moving contrasts between sharpness and softness. He had created a work of mass art.

Among the many people to preside the work was writer Alexander Kluge, who instantly began writing stories to accompany Richter's images. This book, the second collaboration between Kluge and Richter  (December, 2012), brings their stories and images together, along with new words and artworks created specifically for this volume. The result is a beautiful, meditative interval in the otherwise unremitting press of everyday life, a masterpiece by two acclaimed artists working at the height of their powers."

Wanting to stay within the realms of the family album, and the aesthetic of the snapshot, I came across this book as a possible starting point for my next project. I felt that the last work I made became something of a serious nature and some of the recollections and memories during making the work took me to places I need not go. For this reason this module leading towards my final major project I want to be something a little more playful in its output, and along with the themes of the module possibly in newspaper form. 

I have started to carry my point and shoot camera with me everywhere I go. I record mainly places I have been with the odd photograph of Olivia or my siblings. I would like to push myself slightly with this daily ritual of making and start to make work of people I don't know. I think I hide behind the photographs of the landscape so that I don't need to approach the unknown person in front of me. 

So the aim for me for this module is to start to photograph he un known and to put myself into more situations where I can make pictures of people and things rather than the landscape that passes me by.