Reflection on Practise - Week 1

From  Dispatches From Moments of Calm . Copyright Gerhard Richter 2016 -

From Dispatches From Moments of Calm. Copyright Gerhard Richter 2016 -

About my current practise

I would say that my current photographic practise is skirting around and about the snapshot and family/ memory photography. Up to now my practise has been very family orientated, and my area of research has been concentrating on the memory aspect rather than the aesthetics. I guess I would now like to amalgamate the various approaches I have investigated up to now. 

The area I would like to improve on the most is that of portraiture. In my commercial work I have been getting some good portrait commissions but I am still less comfortable within these scenarios that I would be for example shooting a landscape story. So the portraiture work is my main focus, but on what particular subject I'm not quite sure as yet. I don't think I want to go down the route of photographing a series of..... I think he diaristic approach of the everyday is far more of what I'm trying to do.

What I've done during the week and feedback received, and how I've responded to that feedback.

From reading articles and watching videos about Ed Ruscha, I have actually found myself being far more visually aware of my surroundings, and have started a long term repeat photography project on a bill board outside the underground station I pass everyday. I chose this scene for a few reasons. Firstly, I probably look at this scene 3 or 4 times a day at least, and every time I look at it there is something slightly different about it. Apart form the ever changing advertising campaigns that are pasted up on it, the trees in front of the billboard grow, change colour through the seasons and through the different angles of light throughout the day. I made my first images of it this morning, using my dat and time stamped point and shoot camera. The added date I thought would add another layer of 'fact' to the series which I plan to continue shooting over the remaining year of the course. 

I have been far more interested with the methodology of repeat photography rather than rephotography. I think I feel very confined by the rules of rephotography and prefer the flexibility to change my view point slightly or to make a photograph at a different time in the day.

Feedback int he first webinar was interesting. Whilst being the first time I had met both Cemre the tutor for this module and a couple of the other students, we had a good talk about aspirations and some of the concerns with our individual practises. Cemre gave me a couple of interesting projects to look at to do with the family album (which I shall talk about in a separate post). 

I have however started to think about how I am going to establish this project if staying on the topic of the family album. Whilst being in London I don't get to see my family too often, so perhaps moving the project in the direction of the diary would be more achievable and perhaps would work better in the newspaper format? I welcome any thoughts....

 My methodology

Currently my methodology is in quite a random unorganised approach to image making. I thought at this point in the course I would have found the exact idea for my research project and would be steaming ahead with shooting and editing it. Instead I've gone from module to module exploring different avenues relating to the snapshot and family/ memory work and at the ed of each module have resolved that enquiry rather than wanting to continue it later on. In a more positive light though, I feel that this work moving forwards now may incorporate each of the aspects visited in the previous modules. I certainly make more landscape images than I did before, and I think about where the images will be placed far more than I did before. 

The forms my project/ photographs could take moving forward.

As I have mentioned in a previous post ( my diary based work using a point and shoot film camera with a date and time back attached could take the form of a printed newspaper or a series of smaller publications collated by date or subject perhaps. As far as an actual topic of the project I think it will be a mixture of portraiture and photographs of daily life which sounds very dull and over done. I spend a great deal of time out and about and I think this is when I feel like I can respond to my surrounds the best. As I mentioned earlier, I carry this camera with me everywhere, and sometimes take only one of two photographs of things I see and sometimes I shoot a whole room on one scene. 

I have recently started to repeatedly return to the sky to make new work. Every time I look up at the sky the clouds look slightly different or are making a different shape, or the light is glistening off a plane flying over head. In terms of repeat photography I would say that the sky is my main focus in that area at the moment. If I was asked what it is I am trying to say with these images however, at present I am in a place of just making some nice aesthetically pleasing photographs. I found theist module mentally draining and although I want to stay floating int he same research area, the idea of mass art in the style of a newspaper is something I am really interested in. This kind of output pulls together the themes of the everyday, the snapshot photograph, a record of an event, as well as the aesthetics I have talked about in previous modules. 

From  Dispatches From Moments of Calm . Copyright Gerhard Richter 2016 -

From Dispatches From Moments of Calm. Copyright Gerhard Richter 2016 -

I think for a broader theme to my practise moving forward in this module I shall try and consider the use of images and text in a way that is slightly out of the ordinary.