Current Project Intent/ Diaristic Photography / Instagram: The modern day snapshot aesthetic

Every now and again I like to re think what it is I am either investigating, or trying to say or a simple why am I making the work I am making.  After the previous module where I made a series of Memoryscapes: A series of landscapes taken in locations that hold particular memories for me, I wanted to develope a more fluid way of making my work. I felt the landscapes were too rigid and were made with a big and bulky camera which didn't feel very natural to me. I ended up using this big and bulky panoramic camera in such a way to produce blur and Out of Kilter Framing as would be natural with the point and shoot camera of family album photography. 

I stripped back the essence of the family album, which personally is about creating memories - in some ways a diary. When asked about my work recently I didn't have very much to say and also didnt have an idea of what compelled me to make the images I had made. At the time quite a worrying place to be but I think these methodologies will become clearer in weeks to come. 

I thought I would look at some other photographers using this diaristic style of photography. Thinking of how this kind of work relates to current snapshot aesthetics I realised that what I am doing in a somewhat round about way is creating my own version of images that are seen on instagram - the modern day snapshot aesthetic. I decided to have a little trawl through histogram to see what I could find in the way of this diary style of making and taking. I perposefully chose to include some of my favourite photographers who all actually were at the start of what Charlotte Cotton describes as "Intimate Life". These photographers pushing the boundaries of personal narrative and moving this kind of image making into the commercial photography world as well as the art world.  

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 15.16.34.png
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