The Memory of Photography: Photographies - Some notes

Below, Freud compares alike that of natural memory and artificial memory, being the various devices invented by man to aid the natural memory. These ideas drew me to think about how we use memory, how we use the devices we rely on for memory and how I can work with these devices in my practise ie The Archive, Digital Archives and mass consumption of the image. This reminded me also of Eric Kessels installation of images where he printed all the images submitted to Flickr in one day. 

If I distrust my memory – neurotics, as we know, do so to a remarkable extent, but normal people have every reason for doing so as well – I am able to supplement and guarantee its working by making a note in writing. In that case the surface upon which this note is preserved, the pocket-book or sheet of paper, is as it were a materialized portion of my mnemic apparatus, which I otherwise carry about with me invisibly. I have only to bear in mind the place where this “memory” has been deposited and I can then “reproduce” it at any time I like, with the certainty that it will have remained unaltered and so have escaped the possible distortions to which it might have been subjected in my actual memory. (The ‘Mystic Writing-pad 429)



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