Week 4: Independant Reflection

Park Road, London 2011 - Joanna Zylinska -  https://bit.ly/2Mp6JjG

Park Road, London 2011 - Joanna Zylinska - https://bit.ly/2Mp6JjG

This week we discussed images that are made without humans. When you actually try to source these images there aren't many that are made without even the influence or innovation from humans. I did manage to find a practitioner working in an interesting way with images made using algorithms.

The photographs that make up this body of work are taken from the Google Street View "..in order to create a multi-layered portrait of the mediated city, always under surveillance." (Zylinska, 2011)

As I believe Google earth is made using a shutterless mechanical sensor on top of the car, the driver has no input in the recording of the images. It is a continuous image of the entire area the driver is recording. Therefor, I think Zylinska selected the photographic images from an archive meaning that the actual photograph was made without human intervention ( although the equipment was of human design and there is algorithms used which are coded by humans).