Week 5 Independant reflection

"Reminds me of Cadenabbia in 2007 with my grandparents" - Anthony Prothero 2018

"Reminds me of Cadenabbia in 2007 with my grandparents" - Anthony Prothero 2018

Think about: 

  • How much you consider the audience when making your work.
  • How much you would allow a curator to influence the reading of your work.
  • How curators could be useful to your practice.

In your CRJ, write a short summary about:

  • Your experience of the week's activities and feedback received.
  • Any reconsiderations to the core methodology of your project.
  • The forms your project / photographs could potentially take moving forward.

This week is the introduction to the strategies of dissemination. I have been thinking about ideas surrounding Exhibitions/Publications/ and Workshops. I have also been nominated to be on the team of exhibition designers for the LANDINGS:2018 Exhibition, which I shall discuss more in this post. 

Firstly thinking about work for the exhibition. We were asked to think about and post onto the forum the following:

  • Five key words describing your practice / project - Memory, Imagination, Diaristic, Tactile, Object
  • One sentence describing the aims of the work you might display - To investigate the use of the photograph as object in the recording of memories and imagination.
  • One sentence describing roughly where and what your display could look like (e.g. a white-walled gallery exhibition of 10 small framed prints) - Large scale poster prints probably printed in mono, hopefully in a white walled Chapel Gallery space

I'm interested in how looking back only a week or so, that the words I chose then may not be the words I would choose now for this task. I think as I progress in terms of the thinking about my work, the concepts and ideas of how to present my work change as well. I was initially very interested at the start of this 'practical' module with the tactility of the photograph as a physical object. The surfaces of the image if you like. It started out being simply a diaristic approach of image making with a simple camera than produced what I thought was factual images with the date and time stamped on the bottom right hand corner of the image. It was this stamp that for me gave the image the element of factual recording. Since then my ideas have progressed into creating a familial narrative without the family album photographs. I realised I keep returning to the ideas around photography and memory and the family album. 

Week 5 has brought a mixed bag of emotions, but mainly how daunting the idea of a workshop, publication and exhibition could all be at the same time.  I have also taken on the role of one of the exhibition designers which you can read about here. 

Nhung Walsh was a big help and influence in terms of my exhibition idea moving forward which you can read about here. Other than that the main question I've been thinking about this week is:

  • Any reconsiderations to the core methodology of your project?

I think the main thing that has changed in recent days whilst thinking about the development of my project and actually practise in general is the role of the viewer. Up until now I think I have had a very 1 dimensional approach to thinking about the viewer in so much that 'the viewer looks at photographs'. In actual fact I think the role of audience is one of the most important parts of the image making process, certainly when it comes to my subject area.