In Conversation with Nhung Walsh: Some post conversation reflections.

goodbye to the end of the vietnam war - Nhung Walsh

goodbye to the end of the vietnam war - Nhung Walsh

My practise is currently looking at personal narratives and the family album. This has seemingly turned into a broad subject which I am currently weaving in and out of different ideas/investigations. I very much enjoyed the ideas Nhung shared about living with some of the work she was curating on the walls of her own home. I think to really experience something and to take in as much as you can from it, you must spend time with it. 

It therefor makes sense for work about domestic environments and personal narratives to be connected with the domestic spaces we live in. A very simple yet clever and effective way of working with the type of photography your interested in and relating it to the everyday, in my personal opinion. 

I also very much enjoyed the propaganda work where Nhung stated that the exhibition was a fake playing on the ideas of propaganda, whereas the exhibition was very much real and took place in a museum. 

Nhung has certainly given me a lot to think about in terms of my own practise, as well as exhibiting work for our upcoming Landings show.