Francesca Woodman


Love the idea of using an old exercise book form school as the binding for a book project. It is an item of nostalgia and one that has memories embedded in it on a more permanent basis than that of say the "Mystic Writing Pad". 

I've been looking at this relationship between image and text and also the relationship between images and the page they are on. This along with some other practitioners I shall talk about later have been very influential in my thinking towards making a printed publication. 

I had thought about making a piece of mass art through a newspaper print. I was going to then leave these in place of the metro so the morning commuters picked up y newspaper instead of the metro. Through developing my project ideas, I don't think a newspaper is the right context of dissemination for this work. This is a very personal project, that I don't really want to produce on a large scale. A small intimate book perhaps, or I did have an idea of using an old suit case for the installation/exhibition so people one at a time had to peer into the suitcase to pick up each print and see the story unfold.