Dummy Book

There is a different feeling you get when you open a book that you have made by hand. Its almost a different connection to it. Like the smell you get form a newly printed book, the feel from something hand made is personal and connects you to it in a special way. I felt this was the right method for this project dummy book. Quite personal stories whether completely true or fragments of imagination connected together with images from my daily life that trigger these memories or before thoughts. It is important the I had a connection with the memories, the photographs I have made reflecting those memories as well as the paper they were on and the fold they were in. 

I think if I were to continue with this project over a longer period, I would collect more material from the past and construct a stronger narrative. I would like there to be more for the viewer to do than to just look and read. I would like their opinion and their creative decision making to inform my work which is where the idea for the newspaper came from with some sort of comments corner to rip off and send back to me. This adding another level of participation.